HMI A LEADING MANUFACTURER of Excess Flow Check Valves for liquids, gas, or vapor flow lines in refineries, chemical plants, city water lines, local gas company lines, ships, barges, tankers, tanker trucks; anywhere a break in a flow line poses a hazard. Many standard flows in a variety of liquids, gases, vapors, and chemicals are available.

Since 1973

HMI also manufactures Back Pressure Check Valves, Needle Valves, Ball Check Valves, Sampling hose assemblies (featuring  hand tight connections), Sample Cylinders, Sampling connections, Laboratory apparatus for testing petroleum products per ASTM Designations. Reid Vapor Pressure Bombs, LPG Vapor Pressure Bombs and various adapters and fitting for use with them, 98C Corrosion Test Bombs, copper strip method, for LPG and 98B cylinders for testing low pressure petroleum products, Copper Strips sanded and un-sanded, multi position copper strip holding vise.

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